It takes courage to face the things that eat away at our souls.  Pastor Bobbie wants you to know that she has established a library of DVD's featuring leading Christian counselors and family experts who share their years of professional experience and wisdom.  These DVD's are available for you to view privately behind closed doors at the church office, no one needs to know what you are viewing.  Just call and make an appointment with Cindy. 

List of topics available to view:

    Anger Management
    Bi-Polar Disorder
    Blended Families
    Breaking the Bonds of Sexual Addiction
    Broken Trust
    Career Directions
    Caught in the Middle
    Cents and Sensibility
    Choose Joy
    Compassion Fatigue
    Coping with Depression
    Divorce Recovery
    Escaping the Guilt Trip
    Facing ADHD
    Finding Truth
    Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
    Overcoming Anxiety
    Parenting Today's Teens
    Preparing for Remarriage
    Psychiatric Medication and the Christian
    Sexual Hope
    Straight Talk
    The Power of Perspective
    Understanding Addictions
    Understanding Your Emotions