Meet Our Pastors

Pastor Bobbie Miller Is Senior Pastor and President of Psalm 91 Church Int'l, Inc.  She earned her Pastoral degree from *Mount Hope Church Bible Training Institute* accredited through *Oral Roberts University*.  Bobbie has completed all the required courses for credentialing with  *Berean School Of The Bible* and is ordained through Psalm 91 Church International, Inc.   She has completed extra courses of study and training in worship, leading music, crisis counseling, pre-marital counseling, and women's needs.  She is a member of the AACC continuing her education to better serve The Lord and His Church.  Bobbie is a gifted teacher of God*s Word and a loving Shepherd.  She has faithfully served the body of Christ over the past 40 years in various capacities.  Bobbie  served as a worship leader for 20 years as well as a children's director, an assistant Youth director, and 14 years in a Women's Ministry Shepherd's role, a Pastoral assistant to Pastor Tom VanDyke of Lakeside Chapel and Administrative Assistant to Pastor Brad Mitchell of Trinity Church in East Lansing; she has sat on Elder Boards, Care Boards and Church Boards.  She is a conference speaker, a team trainer and a retreat coordinator and facilitator.  She has been a pulpit speaker for 40 years, taught music in Christian and public schools for 16 years.  Bobbie has written and taught over 56 Bible Studies and has directed and produced dozens of musical productions.  She has served in every capacity within a church (with the exception of Men's ministry, Pastor Peter has this covered).  Bobbie's understanding of what a church should be is well rounded from her experiences and her walk with God.  She has an apostolic call and prophetic gift that will move her into the coming times with peace and clarity.  Bobbie's first love is Jesus and her second is her husband of 27 years. Their 3 daughters are raised with families of their own. Bobbie and Peter have 4 grandchildren and 3 wonderful sons-in-law.  After a life time of serving in local Churches, God has called her to begin her own.  We are blessed and constantly growing under her leadership.


Pastor Peter Miller Is Executive Pastor and Vice President of Psalm 91 Church Int'l, Inc. He is truly the backbone of the business side of our church.  Peter has taken countless courses on church ministries and is an employee of Hewlett Packard.  He has worked for over 30 years as a systems analyst-project manager subject matter expert.  His expertise is managing people and meeting deadlines.  Bobbie looks to him as her spiritual leader, her covering, her counsel and chief advisor.  She would never make a decision without his peaceful response to it.  Submitting to Peter's authority is easy for all of us here at Psalm 91 because of his tremendous fatherly love for the flock and staff.  Peter is a powerful teacher and has served in various capacities both at Lakeside Chapel and Mount Hope Church.  His favorite assignments were youth director and men's minister.  He has served on various committees, church boards, and was an elder for 5 years. Peter flows in a powerful prophetic voice and is a great teacher for end time studies.  He adores his wife and loves his children.  His most favorite part of the week is spending time with his grandchildren.  Peter and Bobbie are 21st Century David's.  They are people after God's own heart.


We're Loving God, Loving Others and Doing Good.